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Child Development and Rehabilitation

Frequently Accessed Journals

Table of Contents (TOCs)

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One strategy for keeping up to date with Child Development and Rehabilitation professional literature is to regularly scan the Table of Contents (TOC) of new issues of the journals in your practice. Here are links to some of the journals Child Development and Rehabilitation professionals are accessing. Links to free full text are provided when available. Find more resources on alerts on the Journal Alerts page.
Title and Recent Issue Contents Full text Access Holdings Subject Heading or tags
Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly e-HLBC-CINAHL with Full Text 1995-present disabilities; physical education
American Journal of Occupational Therapy UBC Electronic Journals 2000-present occupational therapy; rehabilitation
American Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation e-HLBC: LWW Total Access Journal Collection 1996-present physical medicine; rehabilitation; research; education .
Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation UBC Electronic Journals 1995-present physical medicine;
Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)
UBC Electronic Journals
1985-present augmentative and alternative communication; speech-language pathology
Autism e-HLBC-Medline with Full Text 2001-present autism; autistic disorder; developmental psychology; developmental medicine
Autism Research e-HLBC-Medline with Full Text 2008-present autistic disorder
Brain and Development Journal e-HLBC-Medline 1979-present brain; child development: child; infant;nervous system diseases; pediatrics
Brain Injury Journal

e-HLBC- Medline with Full Text

UBC Electronic Journals

1997-1 year ago


brain injuries; brain
Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy UBC Electronic Journals 1997-present health and medicine; physical therapy and rehabilitation
Children’s Mental Health Research Quarterly Free on Website 2007-present mental health children and youth
Clinical Rehabilitation e-HLBC: Biomedical Reference Collection SPORTDiscus 1998-present physical medicine; rehabilitation
Communication Disorders Quarterly e-HLBC-CINAHL with Full Text Full Text:
01/01/2002 -03/31/2008
oral language development; communication disorders;
Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text 2007-present


developmental medicine, child neurology, neuropediatrics, pediatric neurology,

Developmental Neurorehabilitation

e-HLBC Medline with full text

UBC Electronic Journals

2007-1 year ago



brain injuries; developmental disabilities; rehabilitation; disabled; children; nervous system diseases; neurology
Disability and Society e-HLBC-CINAHL 2006-present, with selected coverage back to 2002 disabilities; policy and practice; discrimination;
Disability and Rehabilitation e-HLBC-CINAHL 1992-present disabilities; rehabilitation therapy
 Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology  UBC Electronic Journals  Holdings: 2006- present  assistive technology, assistive devices, rehabilitation therapy
Dysphagia e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text 2003-present (with 12 month delay) deglutition disorders; deglutition; gastroenterology
Early Childhood Development and Care UBC Electronic Journals 1997-present child development
Gait & Posture UBC Electronic Journals 1993-present gait; posture
Games for Health Journal
 ILL Only


2012 – present

Exercise therapy; rehabilitation
Infant Behavior and Development e-HLBC-Medline 2006 to present behavioral development; cognitive development; emotional development; perception; perception-action coupling; motor development; socialization.
Infants and Young Children e-HLBC-CINAHL with Full Text 2006-present
Full Text:
01/01/1999- 08/24/2007
special education; developmental psychology; rehabilitation
International Journal of Integrated Care Open Access-Free 2000-present
Integrated care; policy and practice
International Journal of Therapy & Rehabilitation

e-HLBC-CINAHL with Full Text

UBC Electronic Journals



rehabilitation therapy
JMIR Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies
 Free online with registration
 2014 - present
 Assistive technology, assistive devices, rehabilitation therpy
Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text 1966-present with 12 month delay developmental psychology
Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text UBC Electronic Journals 1980-present child development; behavior; Autism; ADHD; developmental disorders; behavioral pediatrics
Journal of Hand Therapy


e-HLBC; UBC Electronic Journals

 2002 - present
 Hand therapy; hand rehabilitation
Journal of Intellectual & Developmental Disability e-HLBC-Medline with Full Text 2006-present neurology; psychology;
psychiatry; developmental disabilities;
Journal of Learning Disabilities e-HLBC-CINAHL with Full Text 1995-present
Full Text: 01/01/1995- 03/31/2008
learning disabilities
Journal of Medical Internet Research
 Free online with registration
 1999 - present
Journal of Pediatric Neurology UBC Electronic Journals 2003-present child neurology; pediatric neurosurgery; pediatric neuroradiology;
child psychiatry; pediatric neuroscience
Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text
v21n1,May 1984- present
artificial limbs; prostheses and implants; rehabilitation; research; self-help devices
Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research e-HLBC-CINAHL with Full Text 1996 to present
Full Text: 1997-present
communication disorders; audiology; speech-language pathology
Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness

e-HLBC-CINAHL with Full Text

UBC Electronic Journals



blindness; visual impairment
Neuropsychology Review e-HLBC-Medline with Full Text 1990-present neuroscience; neuropsychology
Pediatric Physical Therapy e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text 2005-present child; infant; physical therapy modalities; pediatrics; physical medicine

Free on publishers website

e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text

UBC Electronic Journals


1997-1 year ago



Physical & Occupational Therapy in Pediatrics e-HLBC – Medline with Full Text 03/01/2001 - present (with a 18 Month delay)


child; infant; occupational therapy; physical therapy modalities; pediatrics; rehabilitation

Physical Therapy

Free on Publishers Website

e-HLBC-CINAHL with full text
UBC Electronic Journals

1980-1 year ago




physical therapy

Physiotherapy Canada


CINAHL with Full Text

2004 - present

(with 6 month delay)

physical therapy

Presence  UBC Electronic Journals
 1998 - present
 Computer simulation; robotics
Psychological Bulletin e-HLBC-PsycARTICLES 1904-present psychology
Rehabilitation Nursing UBC Electronic Journals 2005-present nurses; nursing; physical medicine; rehabilitation
Seminars in Speech and Language e-HLBC-Medline with Full Text 1995-present language disorders; speech disorders; speech-language pathology


 Full text access: Open Access  2013 – present medical technologies; environmental technologies
The Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation e-HLBC-LWW Total Access Journal Collection 1999-present traumatic brain injury; rehabilitation;
Virtual Reality
 UBC Electronic Journals
 1997 - present
Virtual reality systems and applications
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