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The Student Evidence Informed Practice (EIP) Initiative

Program Description

The Student Evidence Informed Practice (EIP) Initiative is a clinically-based education program aimed at fostering EIP competency development for health professional students in an inter-professional context, using self-directed and collaborative learning principles.

Objectives of the Initiative

  1. To present a holistic view of the challenges, opportunities and professional responsibilities of an evidence-informed practitioner
  2. To provide opportunities for interprofessional EIP competency development
  3. To engage clinicians and students in research to enhance quality of care and to improve health and development of BC’s children and families
  4. To increase students’ use of evidence in clinical decision-making by:

  • Facilitating EIP competency development in both students and clinicians through collaborative learning
  • Raising awareness of relevant EIP resources and quality sources of pre-appraised evidence
  • Offering opportunities for self-directed learning to target EIP attitude, knowledge and skill gaps
  • Encouraging the creation of knowledge products, practice change plans &/or evaluations that facilitate evidence use in practice

Learning Team Members & Roles

As learning partners, various members of the clinical education team can support students to meet their EIP learning needs during multi-week clinical fieldwork placements in a way that is consistent with the guidelines and policies of the student’s academic department. Proposed roles are as follows:


  • Establish EIP learning objectives and a personal EIP learning plan for the clinical placement
  • Collaborate with the Fieldwork Educator on learning activities targeted toward their learning objectives
  • Contribute to EIP at the Centre through the generation of knowledge products, practice change planning, evaluation activities and/or knowledge translation activities congruent with their EIP learning objectives

Fieldwork Educators (Clinical Supervisors/Preceptors)
  • Support students in evaluating their own EIP competencies
  • Support students in establishing appropriate EIP learning objectives
  • Collaborate in shared learning activities to foster mutual EIP competency development

Student EIP Initiative Coordinator(s) – may be Department or Program-specific

  • Meets with clinician prior to placement start date to review the Initiative, resources and roles
  • Meets with clinician/student pair or student during first week of placement to support the incorporation of EIP competency development into learning objectives and learning activities
  • Coordinates the evaluation of the Initiative on an annual basis
  • Maintains the TeamSite bank of knowledge products and other learning activity outcomes generated through the Initiative
  • Liaises with UBC faculty about the Initiative, and to promote pediatric topics for research and syntheses, and to explore clinician-student-faculty research collaborations
Evidence Centre staff, including clinical librarian and education assistant
  • Support specific EIP competency development or processes as needed
  • Address access issues to obtain full-text evidence
  • Maintain EIP resources for students and clinicians
  • Interprofessional team members and colleagues
  • Foster interprofessional and EIP competency development opportunities for students
Proposed Learning Activities

EIP learning plans should address the student’s learning needs and target specific objective(s). At least one learning objective should specifically target an EIP competency in the context of clinical care. Students will not be steered toward writing and presenting on a CAP/CAT as in the past, although they may choose to do so. Flexibility in the nature of learning activities is encouraged to meet students’ learning priorities; however, knowledge translation to relevant groups or teams of clinicians within or outside Sunny Hill should be a component of the plan.

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Last Updated: Mar 04, 2020