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Sunny Hill e-Learn


Supporting the High Tech Communicator and You - The Communication Partner


Case-Based Learning with Dr. Marty Stein

Psychology at Sunny Hill: Who we are, What we do & How we can help

Therapeutic Recreation: More than Activity

Sheila Kennedy and Kelly Duckworth present on the Leisure Ability Model

Towards the Development of ICF-CY Core sets for Children and Youth with CP: a Qualitative Study

Dr. Veronica Schiariti provides an introduction to the International Classification of Functioning for Children and Youth and reports on her qualitative study and a future consensus meeting on the establishment of core sets.

Visual Impairment Team:Bruce Taylor and Kim Zebehazy present on Orientation and Mobility for Children with Multiple Challenges and Visual Impairment

Stepping up the pace: Accessing the self-paced learning modules online.

This presentation discusses the content of the newly available learning modules, and information is provided about how to access them. The modules are: Movement Disorders, Gait Analysis, Vision, Power Mobility, Seating Assessment, Pediatric Feeding, International Classification of Functioning and Knowledge Brokering.

Qualitative Research in Health Services for Children with Chronic Health Conditions/Disabilities and their Families

The Continuity of Care Study is one in a series of research presentations supported by the BCCH and Sunny Hill Foundation, presented in January, 2013 at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children, by Dr. Anton Miller.

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2014