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Cole Galloway Pediatric Mobility

I Want It All, and I Want it Now: Creating Pediatric Assistive Technology that Behaves Like a Kid

Presenter: Dr James C (Cole) Galloway, PT PhD, Professor and Interim Chair, Dept of Physical Therapy, University of Delaware

Theme: High dose movement and mobility is a hallmark of life for typically developing children and their families. I believe it is also an appropriate gold standard to judge the effectiveness of the assistive technology (AT) designed to improve movement and mobility. Too often pediatric AT for movement and mobility are smaller, colorful hand-me-down technology from adult rehabilitation. Here I will introduce the rationale for and examples of a new generation of developmentally-inspired AT. My goal is to inspire you to both advocate for a paradigm shift in AT and to personally participate in the creation of that new generation of AT.


  • Describe an overview of some of the work of the movement lab at University of Delaware
  • Describe what is meant by developmentally inspired assistive technology
  • Advocate for a paradigm shift from thinking of assistive technology only as a means of compensation for body structure and function limitations to a means of enhancing body structure and function in addition to activity and participation.



Last Updated: Apr 07, 2014