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Brain Injury

Diagnostic Information

For definitions, signs, and symptoms, or information about anatomy and physiology of this condition, try these links. some links are more general introductions to this topic and some contain more specific information. If you have questions about the content and how it relates to a specific client please speak with a health care professional.



General Brain Information
  1. Brain Connection: The Brain and Learning
  2. Kids' Health: What is the brain?
Brain Injury Information
  1. Concussion Awareness Clinical Toolkit
  2. MedlinePlus: Head and Brain Injuries
  3. Traumatic Brain Injury: National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Specific Brain Injury Conditions



  1. MedlinePlus: Meningitis
  2. Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada
  3. Meningitis Research Foundation (UK)


  1. MedlinePlus: Encephalitis

Anoxic/Hypoxic Brain Injury

  1. Hypoxic/Anoxic Brain Injury (FCA)

Brain Cancer/Tumors

  1. BC Children’s Hospital Oncology – Resources
  2. National Brain Tumor Society (USA)


  1. MedlinePlus - Stroke
  2. Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada
  3. Kids and Stroke - National Stroke Association (USA)
Last Updated: Oct 26, 2016