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How to register for a course hosted on the PHSA Learning Hub

Courses require registration, which is granted immediately so you can begin learning. Begin by choosing the 'register for credits' button. You are directed to a login page. SCROLL down on this page to find the 'sign up for an account' button. Choose, and the next screen is an " I agree to the following" page. Agree to the content and the next page allows you to choose your status as a PHSA employee, affiliate or general public. The next screen is the 'create an account' screen. Complete the fields with asterisks (*) and choose 'create an account' at the bottom of the form.

You will receive an email with the text... "Welcome to PHSA LearningHub (your name). to activate your account, please click here". Click on the link, and you should see a screen that congratulates you for your persistence. At the bottom is a button to 'return to the learning hub' and there you are invited to enter your newly created username and password. You will land at a screen with a link to: 'find a course'. Choose this, and, if you can remember what course you were looking for, enter the words as search terms. You only have to register once.

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2015