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Best Practice

Evidence Based Practice (EBP)


Clinical Measures

  1. Holland Bloorview Pain Assessment Toolbox for Children with Disabilities
  2. TREAT-NMD Neuromuscular Network: Registry of Outcome Measures
  3. Chartered Society of PT Outcome Measures Database (UK)
  4. Spinal Cord Injury Outcome Measures Appraisals - SCIRE Website
  5. Rehabilitation Measures Database
  6. StrokEngine Assessment Database
  7. Pateint-Reported Outcomes & Quality of Life Instruments Database (PROQOLI)
  8. Goal Attainment Scaling Manual from Thames Valley Children's Centre (PDF)
  9. Canchild Participation Measures on the Participation learning Hub
  10. Patient Reported Outcome Measurement Information System (PROMIS)
  11. Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child Mental Health Measures Database
  12. National Institute of Health Grid-enabled Measures Database
  13. POSNA/PODCI Outcome Instruments


Goal Setting Resources


  1. Collaborative Goal Setting with Children and Families in Rehabilitation


Critical Appraisal Tools and Skills

  1. Users Guides to Evidence Based Practice (CCHE)
  2. The Consort Statement - The Evidence-Based approach to Clinical Trials
  3. AGREE II Guideline Appraisal Tool
  4. EBM Toolbox
  5. Cosmin checklist for Appraisal of Measurement Studies


Evidence Centers

  1. Child Development & Rehabilitation Evidence Centre
  2. Canadian Centres for Health Evidence
  3. Evidence Based practice for Quality Improvement (EPIQ)
  4. Canadian Centre for Knowledge Mobilization
  5. McMaster Evidence-based Practice Centre
  6. Canadian Cochrane Centre
  7. Evidence-based Occupational Therapy
  8. The Evidence for Policy and Practice Information and Coordinating (EPPI) Centre
  9. Evidence-based Medicine Resource Center (US)
  10. American Academy for Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine
  11. NHS Centre for Reviews and Disseminaton
  12. Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
  13. University of Washington - Child Health Institute
  14. ARCHE(University of Alberta)
  15. Centre for Evidence-based Medicine (Toronto)
  16. Institute of Child Health
  17. Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (Oxford)
  18. Health Information Resource Unit (McMaster)
  19. US Evidence-based Practice Centers


Evidence Summaries and Critically Appraised Topics (CATS)

  1. Sunny Hill Evidence for Practice (E4P) Reviews
  2. UBC/McMaster Rehab Science Student CATs
  3. McMaster RehabPlus - pre-appraised rehab research articles
  4. Queens University Rehab CATs
  5. Childhood Disability Link - Resources from the Childhood Disability Research Group
  6. Centre for Excellence and Outcomes in Children and Young People's Services (UK)
  7. Speech Therapy Database for Best Interventions and Treament - SpeechBITE (Australia)
  8. International Centre for Allied Health Evidence Pediatric CATs
  9. Evidence Based Review of Acquired Brain Injury
  10. University of Alberta PT students CATwalk
  11. Research Alliance for Children with Special Needs (RACSN),
  12. Psychological Database for Brain Impairment Treatment Efficacy
  13. University of Birmingham Aggressive Research Intelligence Facility
  14. University of Michigan Department of Pediatrics Evidence-Based Pediatrics Web Site
  15. Research and Training Center (RTC) on Early Childhood Development
  16. Center for Health Services and Policy Research
  17. OT Seeker (Systematic Evaluation of Evidence)
  18. Occupational Therapy Critically Appraised Topics
  19. Evidence-based Review of Stroke Rehab
  20. Cincinnati Childrens Hospital Best Evidence Statements
  21. Keeping Current : Canchild Research Reviews
  22. DARE
  23. Clinical Evidence
  24. Peninsula Cerebra Research Unit (UK) Evidence Summaries

Systematic Reviews

  1. PubMed Health: summaries of systematic reviews of treatment effectiveness
  2. The National Centre for the Dissemination of Disability Research
  3. Canadian Centre for Knowledge Mobilization
  4. SCIRE (Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation Evidence)
  5. Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects (DARE)
  6. NHS Health Technology Assessments
  7. International Register of Prospective Systematic Reviews (PROSPERO)
  8. Psychological Database for Brain Impairment Treatment Efficacy (PsycBITE)
  9. Physiotherapy Evidence Database (PEDro)
  10. Campbell Collaboration
  11. Cochrane Collaboration Site


Evidence Based Journals

  1. EBM Journals
  2. Implementation Science Online Journal
  3. American College of Physicians Journal Club

Practice Guidelines

  1. Pediatric Constraint Induced Movement Therapy Guidelines (BC)
  2. BC Early Intervention Therapy Guidelines
  3. Guidelines for BC Physicians
  4. BC Perinatal Services Guideline: Safe Sleep Environment for Infants 0-12 Months (PDF)
  5. Pediatric Guidelines in Physiopedia
  6. Practice Guidelines from Academy of Neurological Communication Disorders and Sciences (US)
  7. National Library of Medicine HSTAT
  8. Canadian Pediatric Society Positon Statements
  9. Guidelines International Network
  10. AGREE Collaboration
  11. Clinical Practice Guidelines for Spinal Cord Injury(US)
  12. Posture and Mobility Group International Best Practice Guidelines
  13. eGuidelines ( UK clinical guidelines)
  14. New Zealand Guidelines
  15. National Guidelines Clearinghouse
  16. CMA Clinical practice Guidelines Infobase


Care Pathways

  1. Skin and Wound Care Resources, CL'ck - Connecting Learners with Knowledge (BC)
  2. Canadian Association of Pediatric Health Centre Knowledge Exchange Network

General Informatics

  1. World Health Organization Statistic Information Database
  2. Statistics Canada
  3. Canadian Institute of Health Information
  4. Health Canada Online

Program Evaluation

  1. Accreditation Canada
  2. The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  3. American Evaluation Association
  4. Canadian Evaluation Society

Health Care Management

  1. McMaster Health Systems Evidence
  2. UBC Centre for Healthcare Management
  3. UBC Centre for Health Services Policy and Research
  4. Health Improvement Action ( Impact BC)
  5. BC Patient Safety & Quality Council
  6. Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement
  7. Online Health Program Planner from the National Coordinating Centre for Knowledge Transfer Methods & Tools
  8. Canadian Patient Safety Institute
  9. Health Evidence Network of Canada
  10. ARECCI Ethics Decision-Support Tools for Projects
  11. Health Reseach Policy and Systems Journal
  12. Evidence Support Tools for Policy Makers
  13. ICSI Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
  14. Healthcare, Technology and Place Research Group
  15. Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement
  16. Cochrane Effective Practice and Organization of Care Group
  17. AHRQ Child Healthcare Quality Toolbox
  18. Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  19. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
  20. BCHealthcare Risk Management Society
  21. Institute of Healthcare Improvement
  22. National Quality Measure Clearing House
  23. BMC Health Services Research Open-access Journal
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2017