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This Project Site consists of pediatric rehabilitation innovation and research projects occurring in BC.

Project Title:
Jooay App: Promoting Participation in Leisure
Project Start Date: 03-27-2017
Project Listed Date: 03-27-2017 Research
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Project Title:
Effects of Milk Intake on Nutrient Status & Neurocognitive Development in Toddlers: a partially randomized and controlled trial
Project Start Date: 09-01-2016
Project Listed Date: 07-27-2016
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Project Title:
Estimating the prevalence of wheeled mobility use and examining activity limitations and participation restrictions in everyday life for Canadian children under 15 years of age with mobility limitations: a population study.
Project Start Date: 11-03-2014
Project Listed Date: 04-27-2015 Research
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Project Title:
Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Research Clinic
Project Start Date: 11-01-2013
Project Listed Date: 03-07-2014
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