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Telerehabilitation evidence search


Telerehabilitation: using videoconferencing or internet video to provide rehabilitation. Broader search terms include telemedicine, telehealth and telestroke.

Telerehabilitation Position Paper from the American Occupational Therapy Association


The following searches run in PubMed. It updates every time you click on it, so the results are current. Results are organized by date. Select each result to link to the full abstract.

Telerehabilitation (last 12 months)  

Telerehabilitation and Physical  

Telerehabilitation and Brain injury or Cerebral palsy

Telerehabilitation and Children

Telerehabilitation and Speech

Telerehabilitation and Autism 

Google Scholar

Telerehabilitation (since 2009)

Telerehabilitation and Autism (since 2011)

Telerehabilitation and equivalence (since 2011)

Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017