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Learning Opportunities

Sunny Hill Learning Resources

  1. Sunny Hill e-Learning Website
  2. Sunny Hill Education Resource Centre
  3. Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Online Course
  4. International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health for Children with Special Needs


  1. BC Practice Education Resources
  2. BC Academic Health Council Preceptor Development( HSPnet)
  3. National Fieldwork Placement Service
  4. Health Sciences Placement Network ( HSPnet)

Conferences and Workshops

  1. The 29th International Seating Symposium March 5th-9th, 2013 Gaylord Opryland Hotel & Convention Center 2800 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN
  2. Sunny Hill Upcoming Learning Events
  3. Seating and Mobility Learning Opportunities
  4. TherapyBC Upcoming Events
  5. UBC Interprofessional Education
  6. UBC Continuing Studies
  7. BC Partnerships Training Modules Project
  8. 2010 Canadian Network of Child & Youth Rehab Workshop Presentations
  9. 3rd International Cerebral Palsy Conference Proceedings (PDF)
  10. Extensive list of Pediatric Conferences from the PSL Group.
  11. American Academy of Cerebral Palsy & Developmental Medicine Meetings
  12. Canadian Network of Child and Youth Rehab Annual Workshop
  13. Center for Rehabilitation Research Information Exchange
  14. The American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists
  15. The Association of Schools of Allied Health Professions
  • Check the Professional Resources Page for annual professional association conferences


    1. UBC Repository of Rehab Podcasts
    2. Physical Therapy Channel
    3. Physical Therapy Journal Podcast Central
    4. Yale Health and Medicine Netcasts
    5. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (US)
    6. University of Washington Traumatic Brain Injury Model System (TBIMS)
    7. Index - United States National Institutes of Health – Video and Audio Podcasts
    8. United States National Public Radio – Podcast Directory
    9. University of Arizona Department of Pediatric Medicine – Pedcasts
    10. Johns Hopkins Medicine – weekly Medical and Health News Podcast
    11. Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy – Podcasts
    12. Journal - The Lancet – Podcasts
    13. Journal of the American Medical Association Audio Commentary
    14. Journal - Science – Podcasts
    15. Journal - Nature – Podcasts
    16. Cerebral Palsy - Parent Wise topics and Research Briefings from the CP Foundation of Australia

    Webcasts and Online Presentations

    1. Navigating the Child Development & Rehabilitation Website
    2. BC Children's and Women's Multimedia Library
    3. BC Provincial Outreach Program for FASD Learning Modules
    4. Pressure Ulcer Training Module , National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators Website (US)
    5. Health Literacy for Occupational Therapists
    6. Quebec 4th Cerebral Palsy Conference Presentations
    7. ICNApedia - The Child Neurology Knowledge Environment E-learning Resources
    8. 14th Annual North American Collaborating Center Conference on ICF “Evaluating Social Participation: Applications of ICF & ICF-CY
    9. U of Washington TBI Education Series
    10. National Centre for Dissemination of Disability Research Webcasts (US)
    11. CPI Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation Videos
    12. AAC-RERC Webcasts
    13. Learning Resources from the Centre on Social Emotional Foundations for Learning
    14. Movement Disorders Virtual University
    15. The Child Neurology Foundation Webcasting Lobby

    Online Courses and Tutorials

    1. International Classification of Functioning,Disability and Health for Children with Special Needs
    2. Sunny Hill Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Online Course
    3. Canchild Online Workshop on Developmental Coordination Disorders
    4. Social Care Institiute of Excellence (UK) eLearning Resources
    5. E-Tips for Practice Education Program
    6. Learning Modules from the National Collaborating Centre for Methods & Tools
    7. Movement Disorders Virtual University Online Courses
    8. Seating for Spinal Cord Injury Learning Modules ( New South Wales)
    9. Traumatic Brain Injury Learning Modules ( New South Wales)
    10. Spinal Injury e-Learning from American Spinal Injury Association
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