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Hypotonia wheel image Hypotonia Wheel And Guide


Clinical practice frameworks are a valuable component of clinical education, promoting informed clinical decision-making based on the best available evidence and/or clinical experience. They encourage standardized intervention approaches and evaluation of practice. A clinical practice framework, the Hypotonia Wheel, was developed during an international project to support the development of intervention strategies for infants and young children with neuromotor disabilities in Guangzhou, China. This practice framework was developed to guide therapists’ intervention choices to encourage the gross motor abilities of infants and children (0-3 years) exhibiting hypotonia and gross motor delays. The goal was to provide a practice framework that aligned with contemporary interest in activity-focused intervention approaches and that considered both a child’s abilities and the influence of environmental context in the achievement of gross motor skills.

The Hypotonia Wheel and Guide may be useful for therapists, therapy students and early intervention providers who work with infants and young children with hypotonia. The process used to design the  Hypotonia Wheel could be used as a template to develop intervention guidelines for other clinical conditions.

To access current evidence related to Hypotonia please click on the “Evidence” tab. 

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2014